Annuals are plants that are grown for one season, generally blooming all summer long but will not come back in the spring. We carry tons of different annuals from seed annuals to speciality annuals. Supertunias, Calibrachoa, begonias, geraniums, verbena and more!
marigolds-cosmos Annuals snapdragons 030

marigolds-bloom petunias livingston-daisy purple

Perennials are plants that will return in the spring after going dormant in the winter. Perennials usually like being cut back in the fall and will return bigger and better the following season. Generally they do not bloom all summer long like the annuals. Most perennials will have about a four week blooming cycle, so they need to be planted with other perennials that bloom at different times or planted with annuals if you are wanting color all summer long!
Some of our favorites:
heuchera rudbeckia echinacea euphorbia salvia

MY FAVORITE! Succulents or sedums thrive in well drained soil in sunny locations requiring very little water and maintenance. We carry many, many kinds both hardy and semi hardy. I’m pretty sure you will find one you have not seen before! We love planting succulents in planters too! They do so well in planters and are super easy for you to care for! If you go away for the weekend and dont water them, they wont be dead when you get home!
succulents succulents-2 succulents-3 succulents-4 succulents-wine-bottle stringofpearls

Vegetables and Herbs
We carry a wide selection of vegetables and herbs, perfect for growing here in the Willamette Valley. If you are looking for a certain tomato or other veggie that you have a hard time finding every year let us know early enough and we will try to find it and grow it for you!

Ground Cover
We carry shade loving ground covers such as: vinca, ajuga, creeping jenny, lamium, sweet woodruff, brass buttons, mondo grass and more! We also carry sun loving groundcovers: irish moss, scotch moss, creeping thyme, corsican mint, lithodora, creeping phlox, candy tuft, blue star creeper and much more. Let us help you pick the right groundcover for your area! We will ask you questions like are you going to be stepping on it, watering it, is it next to your lawn or under a tree, what problems have you had with other plants in the area! We can help you be succesful!

Grasses can be a beautiful low maintenance plant to add to your landscape, but can also be a monster that keeps growing and growing requiring a back hoe to remove them! We would be happy to help you pick out the right grass for the right spot in your landscape. Decorative grasses can also be added to planters to give height and texture.


Grass Seed
We grow our own grass seed right here on our farm and are pros at making sure you get the correct seed for your area!

Vines are a beautiful old fashioned plant that often brings back memories to most gardeners. My mother always planted sweet peas, therefore I always plant sweet peas! We have sweet peas, morning glories, black eyed susan vines, lofo’s vines and other annual vines. We also have perennial vines such as clematis. You need to be cautious when planted vines just like when planting grasses. Morning glories can be a reseeding nightmare and certain perennial vines can rip your gutters off the house! We can help you plant the right vine in the right area so you can create memories under it!
vine terrarium-vine